The future of solar is now

Imagine solar panels that are lower cost and more versatile than anything you’ve seen before. Our perovskite technology is the future of solar. 

The future of solar is now

Rayleigh has developed thin, lightweight, and low-cost perovskite solar modules. Our technology is the future of solar.

With perovskite solar technology, the possibilities are limitless

With our patent pending technology, we manufacture flexible solar modules that do more at a lower cost.

Imagine next-generation commercial and industrial solar solutions

Perovskite’s unrivalled scalability enables us to put solar PV on practically any surface, redefining the possibilities for renewable energy production.

Utility Scale

Building Integrated

Rooftop Solar



Utility Scale

Rooftop Solar


Our diverse and experienced team is on the cutting edge of a more sustainable future

With broad expertise across sustainability, technology, innovation and commercialization, our team isn’t just unique, we’re uniquely passionate about changing the world.

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